This program will teach the cutting-edge technology in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The courses include Business Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Python, etc. These courses will provide a thorough training of the emerging technologies in recent years. Three courses and a capstone project are required to complete the training program. A certificate of the Emerge Technology will be issued upon the successful completion of the training program.


Each course will have 3 units of credit, and require 45 hours of in classroom learning and more than two times of time to study outside the classroom. All credits earned at the Emerging Technology Program can be counted toward a master degree, which requires 36 units of credits.

Program Cost: $7,200 for Three Courses plus a capstone project.

Outcome of the Training After completing the Emerging Technology Training Program, students are expected to either find a new job as a data analyst, data scientist, AI engineer, and apply the AI technologies in their current work.

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