Interested applicants may contact CSTU by visiting the institution’s main website or by phone. In response to an inquiry from a prospective student, an information package is normally sent to the individual. A prospective student is encouraged to call the school and make an appointment to discuss the program they are interested in and arrange to see the school’s facilities.

An admission representative will discuss the applicant’s qualifications and assist him/her in determining the best way to meet his/her educational and/or career goals. The application and enrollment process begins with the completion of a general questionnaire and an initial interview with the admissions representative. The interview usually lasts approximately one half hour and may be conducted by phone or in person. During that time, the admissions representative will discuss the various aspects of the graduate program offered, tuition, a payment plan, and explain entrance requirements. This catalog detailing CSTU’s method of instruction, programs, policies, admission standards, applicant’s qualifications, and financial planning information will be provided. The institution’s main website, also provides the same information as published in this catalog.

When the applicant is accepted, a Degree Plan generally referred to as an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) will be prepared listing the academic requirements that must be met for successful completion of the selected program.