MB550 Project Management

This course learns the Agile Project Management (APM) four focal points: opportunities created by the agile revolution and its impact on product development, the values and principle that drive agile project management, the specific practices that embody and amplify those principles, and practices to help entire organizations.
  • » 45 hours in class lecturing plus dedicated mentoring sessions from our faculty of industry experts

  • » 3 semester credits for both certificate and master’s degree

  • » Access to high-quality live class recording

  • » Online live classroom available for all classes

  • » Lifetime learning resources for our students

  • $ 1800
Course Description

This course introduces basic concepts, processes, and practices of project management and will be more specific on planning and managing projects in the Information Technology (IT) area. Project management concepts, methodologies, and tools will be explained with real-world examples and cases within the standard Project Management Institute (PMI) framework. Students will learn the skills necessary to define project scope, create workable project plans, and manage projects with quality, budget, and schedule in mind. Typical project management methods, such as Waterfall and Agile, and organization structures will be explained and compared. The course is structured around the key phases of project knowledge areas in mind, ranging from project scope, integration, stakeholder, to communication. In addition, students will be taught critical thinking on identifying and prioritizing potential issues and best practices in industry.

Course Objectives
In this course, you will be able to:
  • Tell key concepts, processes, and knowledge areas in project management
  • Communicate in standardized PMI project management languages with stakeholders
  • Plan and execute projects efficiently under the constraints
  • Identify issues and select solutions
  • Use project management tools and applications
  • Document project reports
  • Be able to work toward Project Management certificate
Course Pre-Requisites
No pre-requisites. But any of the following knowledge will be beneficial:
  • A programming language
  • Database administration
  • Project management tools
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