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CSE590/MB590 Special Topics - Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing. This includes keyword research, SEO, digital ad­vertising with Google Adwords, social media marketing with Facebook(plus Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter), email marketing, content marketing, and web analytics with Google Analytics. You'll also learn how to do global digital marketing in multiple languages for multiple countries.
  • » 23 hours (8 weeks) in class lecturing plus dedicated mentoring sessions from our faculty of industry experts
  • » 1.5 semester credits for both certificate and master’s degree
  • » Access to high-quality live class recording
  • » Online live classroom available for all classes
  • » Lifetime learning resources for our students
  • $ 990
Course Objectives

You will learn digital marketing by setting up and applying digital marketing (using SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Analytics) to your project.

You learn by doing digital marketing for the company where you work, for your personally-owned company, or for someone else’s company

This course will position you as an expert in your organization who understands how to develop and apply advanced digital marketing to create business value.

You will be able to present yourself as a strong candidate for jobs in digital marketing

Lecture And Practical Work
  • Each lecture is followed by practical hands-on work
  • You’ll see how to use a tool or do something and then you’ll do the work in class
  • There will be lots of examples of successful (and failures) of digital marketing at companies
  • Discussion and your questions are strongly encouraged
Class Sessions
  • Session 1: Introduction and Keyword Research
  • Session 2: Web Analytics
  • Session 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Session 4: Advanced SEO
  • Session 5: Digital Advertising in Search Engine
  • Session 6: Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LPO
  • Session 7: Marketing with Email and Content
  • Session 8: Evaluation and Exams
  • At the end, we will have presentations by students
  • Your presentation will show that you understand the concepts of digital marketing and how to apply them: plan, create, and manage a digital marketing campaigns, and the abilities and limits of tools
  • You will show you applied digital marketing strategy and tools to your project
Your Instructor
Andreas Ramos

Andreas Ramos was the head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he used 40 languages in 84 countries. He has managed global SEO and Google Adwords for Harvard and MIT where he used 300,000 keywords in thirty languages. He currently manages SEO and Google Adwords for Stanford. He was the director of the digital agency at Acxiom where he worked with global corporations. He has founded two digital marketing agencies. He has written fourteen books on digital marketing. One book was published in China by Tsinghua University Press. His books have been translated to six languages. He was the technical editor of the leading book on SEO, which was published by IBM Press. He also teaches digital marketing at INSEEC, a leading French business school.